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Education is a primary ingredient and also a key to success in any profession. With a booming economy and a young population, there is a tremendous need for the quality education to equip this population with skills to handle assignments that spring from such a growing economy like ours.

The INSOFT Institute of IT and Management, established in 1995 is an endeavour to provide higher education to aspiring professionals and students in the field of Information Technology,Business Management and Journalism & Mass Communication.

The need of the day for any educational institution is to provide education that encompasses world class curriculum and is also industry focused. Providing quality learning in higher education is becoming a major focus area in the country not only with the Government, but also increasingly with our institution. INSOFT Institute of IT & Management has been addressing this growing need by continously upgrading and enhancing the quality, curriculum, methodlogy and practical exposure in its programms offered to its distance learning students.

INSOFT Institute of IT & Management act as access points for the purpose of advising, counselling or rendering any assistance required by the srudents in context of the University's distance education programs. To improve the quality of lectures and faculty presentations, the center have been equipped with an effective and latest technology equipments.

» Re-Registration For May 2013 is Going On

» The study materials are available at the center in limited stock on First Come First Serve Basis.
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